10 key themes of the Four Day Event

1Meaning and purpose

Most of you will have experienced a real sense of meaning and purpose in your life before your world was turned upside down. In the time following it you have probably questioned your very existence and asked yourself some meaningful questions such as ‘who am I?’, ‘what do I do now?’, and ‘where do I belong?’. In this session, you will look to rediscover and redirect the meaning and purpose of your life.

2Identity Change

We will work to gain a better understanding of how you coped with the huge sense of loss that has brought you to where you are today. We will create an environment of honesty, trust and support so that you can confront the reality of your transition from the life you once had to life as you know it today, working through the painful emotions attached to your experiences. Through this you will come to accept that your experiences are an integral part of who you were, who you are and who you will become.

3Emotional Intelligence

You are never without emotions and all emotions are said to be intentional, that means they are always about or in relation to something. For example, you are never just upset, you are upset about something. In this section you will look at how your emotions are often used as ways to avoid action and responsibility. You will hone your ability to learn from your emotions by tuning into them directly, allowing them to inform your thinking and decision making.

4Time and mortality

Many of you would have felt immortal when in the midst of your lifelong pursuit but when you experienced your catastrophic physical trauma or health condition you would have suffered the death of hope, your perceived future and your confidence, bringing you closer in touch with your own mortality. Although this session may seem both dark and deep, it will challenge you to embrace your own temporality and to live fully in the moments that you have left.

5Regaining control

In this section, you will discover that your life is literally the sum of your choices: every decision you make has a powerful effect on who you are and who you will become. When you look at your life in this way it can bring about anxiety and discomfort because when you make choices you immediately exclude other possibilities, leaving you questioning whether you are making the right decisions. Through this session you will find ways to move forward courageously despite your doubts.

6Creating a winning mindset

Having the right mindset is massive in overcoming life’s challenges. Exploring different mindsets and the outcomes they create will heighten your self-awareness, allowing you to make the powerful shifts required to unleash your potential and fulfil your dreams. Life-changing events can often trigger a crisis in confidence and so I will be offering practical ways to get your head in the right place to overcome the common challenges you will experience at various points in your journey.

7Managing your limiting beliefs

In this session, I will look at how you can have the most beneficial relationship with your thoughts, feelings and emotions so that they work in your favour. I will look to gain an understanding of the beliefs that you hold and what it will take to achieve your long-term vision. After assessing whether your beliefs are helpful or not and why they are maintained, we will look to provide alternative evidence to reduce the power of unhelpful beliefs allowing you to move forward.

8Embracing your discomfort zone

You can be quite happy operating within your comfort zone because it gives you a sense of familiarity and belief that you can be successful, but this zone can actually be dangerous as your skills are allowed to stagnate. You will learn to push yourself courageously into uncharted territories that you may have shied away from and will be inspired to take on new challenges as your personal growth explodes.

9Self-knowledge to self-management

In this segment, you will learn the greatest secret to success. In order to understand yourself you will examine how you think, feel, behave and respond which in turn sheds light on your true values and beliefs. Rather than letting your ego sabotage the image of who you want to be, you will look to become open and honest with yourself and therefore project that true representation to the world. Could being successful actually be about being yourself?

10Looking at the solution not the problem

There will be moments in life when a situation just gets the better of you and you feel stuck and unable to progress; times when throwing in the towel seems like the only solution. In this section, you will look at the thinking traps that you can easily fall into, the assumptions that hold you back and the practical approaches that can create transformational change. I’ll even go as far as to say that applying these principles consistently to your daily living will prevent you ever becoming stuck again in the first place.

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