How Does It Work?

Class of Courage is, at its heart, a community of like-minded individuals supporting one another to become the best they can be. You can engage with our community in a number of ways but we recommend starting with one of our introductory events and going from there.

Step 1

Get to know Class of Courage
Most new recruits like to attend one of our Discovery Days as a starting point to get to grips with what the community is all about.

Our regular Inspirational Evenings, with guest speakers, are another great way to understand more about Class of Courage while being inspired by stories of others who’ve experienced life-changing trauma.

Step 2

Open up to a world of possibilities
Our Four Day Event small-group sessions are invite only to allow us to get the right mix of personalities, and provide a series of sessions designed to help you take control of your life.

Alternatively, our Retreats give you the opportunity to participate in a programme full of mind shifts and mindfulness while creating connections to last a lifetime. Our Retreats are also invite only.

Step 3

Become a master
Are you ready for the most challenging yet awe-inspiring moments of your life? When you’re ready to join our invite-only Mastermind Group we’ll help you take your personal growth to the next level.

Step 4

One to One Coaching
One to one coaching is also available at each step of the journey, with discounts available for established members of our community.



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