Here are what some of my previous clients had to say about working with me.

Working with Ian has the plus side of someone who comes with a vast amount of experience within his field of expertise but has lived and breathed elite level sporting and high performance environments not only as a consultant but ultimately as a past athlete himself having undergone the trials and tribulations that high performance sport involves. This allows Ian to see all elements of the sporting environment from an outside and inside perspective.

Henry Newman – Academy Manager, Barnet FC

I first met Ian whilst working as a Welfare Officer in the horse racing industry. Many of my clients, male and female racing staff, were facing the prospect of leaving the job they loved, and which they often felt defined them, due to injury. A combination of Ian’s personal and professional experience, his personality and humour contributed to an ability to empathise with and relate to the resulting fears. He just “got it” in a way which few people outside the racing industry do and which enabled him to encourage my clients to recognise their aspirations and ability and to move forward.

Lynne Clarke – Racing Welfare Officer

In my final year as a scholar my season was hit by a number of significant and untimely injuries in fairly quick succession. This resulted in my level of self-confidence being hit severely as I found it hard to cope in what was a pivotal year for me at the club. Ian was astronomical in sitting down and challenging me around my own limiting beliefs working largely on my own self-identity, values and the choices that had been presented. It was through this work that I realised I had come to put a new level of pressure on myself by focusing on myself as a footballer and nothing else which was leading to negative behaviours, thoughts and emotions. Recognising that I was actually more than this awakened new areas of my life that had been neglected for so long whilst also focusing more on the choices that aligned best to my own ambitions as both a player and as a person. Ian was incredible at being able to pick me up and push me through and beyond my own limitations to deal with the ups and downs in the best possible ways. I will always be thankful for what Ian has given me.

Former Barnet FC Footballer – Daniel Cheema

Ian makes you feel at ease speaking about any subject and has a great talent of bringing problems to the surface and allowing you to think methodically on how to solve the issues. I would recommend Ian to anyone who wants to solve some issues that are perhaps holding them back, personally or professionally.

J. Shaw – Business Finance Manager, NHS Scotland

Retiring from professional boxing was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. Taking the adrenaline and buzz that you feel out of the way makes you feel like a complete nobody when that is all I have known from young. I have no hesitation in saying that Ian is the best at what he provides as he doesn’t allow you to dwell in self-pity but delivers knock out punches time and time again to get you to look deep within yourself and ask yourself the dark and ugly questions. Without that self-awareness that he stimulates within you I would never have moved forward let alone doing something that I love. He gets you to think, really think about what you have learnt from other areas of your life and in my case boxing to provide that inner confidence that you still have a big part to play in the game of life.

Former Professional Boxer, Malcom Alexander

It is a genuine pleasure working with Ian. Not only is he a highly accomplished and effective coach – who challenges and encourages in equal measure – but also a genuine and down-to-earth person. If you are going through a major career transition and are keen to be challenged to reach new heights, then I highly recommend speaking with Ian.

C. Rhodes, Managing Director at Culminas Marketing

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