What is Class of Courage?

Class of Courage is about creating truly memorable events, providing insightful coaching and creating peer mentoring opportunities for people who have suffered significant physical trauma, injury or illness that brought an end to their lifelong dreams.

Why was it set up?

Having experienced the isolation of having my dreams ripped away from me (you can read more about my experiences here), I wanted to create a community of courageous people, each experiencing grief and frustration at having to put aside their lifelong ambitions due to life-changing trauma or illness, to act as a support network but also an inspiration to one another, to encourage each other to dream bigger and push forward to find a new level of awesomeness within themselves.

How does it work?

More than a post-trauma group, Class of Courage is a community of people fighting for a bigger future. After the physical healing process and trauma counselling, many people find themselves thinking ‘what now?’ and ‘what am I if not a sports professional, police officer or soldier?’

Class of Courage offers one-to-one coaching, group mentoring workshops and inspirational events to help you uncover your potential, set yourself new goals and realise them – to go beyond limiting beliefs and scale new heights. By inspiring and supporting one another to grow, the community offers a safe but challenging environment to realise your true potential.

How is Class of Courage different to other groups?

Unlike other tribes that are connected through a single health condition, physical trauma, profession or circumstance I base our underlying success on diversity, providing the opportunity to learn from distinctly different experiences and inspire one another as part of a powerful and awe-inspiring community.

Class of Courage programmes are grounded in psychological and philosophical techniques that create a deep and powerful shift in mindset, shifting the focus from problems and limitations to more meaningful and purposeful action. Your community will help you uncover a life of endless possibility.

Who is it aimed at?

We tend to attract individuals who have served in the military, people who have had an outstanding career within the police, fire and ambulance services, ex-high performing athletes who have had their careers cut short through injury and/or illness, people involved in national disasters, those who have been disfigured and individuals who have suffered from a significant life-changing health condition or accident.

If you’re ready to make some serious changes in your life and would like to join our community take a look at How does it work? to discover the different ways you can get involved.

“Class of Courage believes in creating challenging but inspirational events where people feel truly listened to and supported. Our tribe makes you feel empowered to find the courage to step into the unknown, make tough choices and take back responsibility for the life you want and deserve.”

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