Inspirational Evenings

One speaker, one evening, one community. One powerful experience of inspiration on your journey towards transformational change.

Most of you will have asked yourself ‘why me?’ when your lifelong pursuit ended abruptly due to a life-changing physical trauma or health condition. Our Inspirational Evenings will help flip your perspective to ‘why not me?’

Class of Courage Inspirational Evenings are at the core of what I provide for our community. Each event offers an emotionally-charged and thought-provoking reflection of your own life through the powerful stories of other extraordinary people. These events are incredibly hard-hitting, offering a real life perspective that challenges the way in which you think, feel and behave.

Attitude is everything

Learning that you are free to choose how you interpret and respond to your own unique circumstances is a simple but powerful part of realising awesome transformative change.

At these events the strength and resilience of your community will become apparent, and you will learn that the defining aspect of any person labelled as disabled is whether they have a disabling attitude or not.

After attending an Inspirational Evening you will be left feeling motivated by incredible stories of courage and can expect to experience powerful shifts in perspective, moving your focus from what you can do rather than what you can’t.

It’s time to supercharge your future!

These events are open to everyone and they offer a great opportunity to find out more about the Class of Courage community. Details of our upcoming Inspirational Evenings will be made available soon..

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