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Why Join Class Of Courage?

If you’ve had a look around the website and think that the Class of Courage community could help you rediscover your passion and fire but you still need a little bit of convincing, below you’ll find five epic reasons to join and then take a look at our testimonials to hear what people who’ve worked with me have to say about the experience.

Five Epic Reasons To Join The Class Of Courage Community

1You’ll Connect With Courageous People Of Like-Mind & Experience

One of the most amazing things about our community is the sheer diversity of the people involved and that really adds to the richness of the experience, as you’ll learn and embrace stories and strategies used by others to supercharge their lives.

We attract individuals who have served in the military, be it the Royal Marines, Royal Navy, Royal Airforce or the British Army, people with outstanding careers in the police, fire service and ambulance service, ex-high performing athletes who have had their careers cut short, people involved in national disasters, those who have been disfigured and individuals who have suffered from a significant life-changing health condition or personal accident.

Class of Courage is a coming together of shared experiences that lets you learn, grow and forge deep friendships with awe-inspiring people who will nurture and support you as you move into a new chapter of your life.

2You Will Realise There Is Potential To Have An Amazing Life After Trauma

Immersing yourself fully in our events gives you the power and freedom to choose the meaning you attach to your life-changing physical trauma or health condition. You will learn how to take responsibility for your actions and how you can live life more powerfully as a result.

All our events teach you to understand and accept how things really are. Throughout your journey you will discover that you are free to be who you want and make something of your life by striving courageously against the difficulties and challenges that life throws at you. The Class of Courage community knows that it is the striving, the overcoming and the journey that leads to our astounding success.

The success members of our community experience is driven not by our psychologically grounded principles but through the awesome people who push each other beyond their limitations to deliver remarkable deep-rooted transformational change.

3You Will Create Lifelong Connections

When you attend any Class of Courage event you automatically become part of our compassionate and powerful community. We meet regularly through organised and impromptu social events as we look to create lifelong camaraderie achieved through supporting and challenging one another. Our community is about making friendships that are genuine, authentic and forever.

When courageous people come together amazing, powerful lifelong transformation happens. You will witness how mesmerising the bonds are between people where you feel listened to, not judged, for who you are or how you handled your circumstances.

4You Will Captivate Others

People join our community with the sole purpose of rejuvenating their own lives without realising the phenomenal impact they have on the lives of others, both within and outside of our community.

Not only will you inspire others through your own stories of courage and fear, you will subconsciously support and empower people into finding the courage to step forward into the unknown and overcome the difficulties that life presents.

One of the greatest rewards is being able to give back to your community. Sharing your own personal transformative journey at one of our events can help to breathe inspiration and self-belief into another person waiting to get started on their own transformation.

5You Will Become Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

Successful people in both life and business recognise that in order to progress and change they need to continuously step outside of their comfort zone. Ultimately, we need to get used to the feeling of fear and anxiety and embrace the uncertainty that life has to offer.

Each event will revolutionise your thinking by rewiring your mind to think more optimistically and to discover, nurture and nourish your ‘can do’ attitude.

Class of Courage will work extensively with you to explore life’s deeper issues such as ‘How do I make the right choices?’, or ‘Is it necessary to suffer this much?’ and help you to make sense of your current daily experiences. We will confront your day to day challenges and the inevitable struggles that living with your condition brings. We want you to live a full life and that means not shying away from challenges but courageously getting answers to life’s big questions.

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