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Aged 26 I suffered a potential cardiac arrest when diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy when an aspiring rugby player. Within 24 hours I lost my identity as my life spiralled out of control with sex, alcohol, and the constant party lifestyle being my only escapism and feeling of normality. Nine months later my son was born out of an illegitimate relationship and proved to be my saving grace triggering the emotional change of care, love and affection. Years later I had the burning desire to change the mindset of others who believed life was over after they too had suffered their own traumatic life-changing event. In 2018 Class of Courage, a powerful Personal Transformational Company for people with life-changing trauma was born, combining a powerful blend of personal experience, psychology, and ancient Greek, Roman, and Buddhist philosophies to evoke mind-blowing shifts in mindset and supercharging peoples futures.
I am all about shifting peoples mindsets so they live life more powerfully and skyrocket towards "Finding their New Awesome".

The Story Behind the Name

The Story Behind the Name Investing in a 6 figure business mentoring programme was something needed based on my own [...]

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My Group Why

  My Group Why In March 2006, my father literally saved my life but there have been many times over [...]

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