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Mastermind Group

The Class of Courage Mastermind Group is another invite-only initiative intended as an extension of the Four Day Event. Our Mastermind Group brings people together who have travelled an arduous journey to rid themselves of immense emotional pain to gain control over their thoughts and feelings.

What does it mean to be part of the Mastermind Group?

Each individual invited onto our Mastermind Group will have shown extraordinary courage to confront feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and discomfort and will have fully accepted and embraced their own personal situation.

Members of our Mastermind Group are invited to use their knowledge and experience to motivate, inspire and push others to the edge of their own limitations, creating a close-knit, supportive and challenging group of individuals with a common purpose.

Your Mastermind Group will set powerful visions for the future, pushing you to step fully outside of your comfort zone to turn dreams into unforgettable realities.

How does it work?

Meetings are held three times a year and at each meeting we will plan goals and set strategies for achieving them.

The meetings will allow you to build on the powerful shifts already made and sustain the momentum through brainstorming, group coaching, creative thinking, peer accountability and support.

I will also invite members of the group to share their progress, successes and periods where they have felt lost or stuck. Members are accountable to each other, meaning you will all push hard towards accomplishing your targets.

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What it means for the rest of the Class of Courage community

Displays of your courage, camaraderie and continuous progression will be shared with those in the earlier stages of their transition to show what they can achieve in the future. Although some people will never achieve a feeling of closure after experiencing major trauma in their lives, the Mastermind community will be living proof that we all have the capacity to transform pain and despair into positivity.

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