The Story Behind the Name

Investing in a 6 figure business mentoring programme was something needed based on my own personality, relative inexperience in terms of business acumen and the need for structure, the result of years spent studying scientific based degrees. Not only was the mentoring programme a huge eye opener it forced my mind into a much more fluid, creative and new way of thinking, great and scary wrapped into one.

Unless you use a relatively common and uninventive approach such as your own name or initials, finding a powerful and cutting edge name on your own devices is an absolute ball ache to put the phrase into less offensive terms as humanly possible. I would and did describe this process in much more colourful and elaborate language as a result of what appeared an easy task on paper. In reality it was a hell of a lot harder and one that I would not wish to explore anytime soon after sitting in small rooms covered in bland magnolia walls for hours on end.

Latin words was surely the way to go because my Coaching School had used this approach with huge success and so had many others before them… For me, it just didn’t seem right or indeed authentic and I think that gut feel is so so important. I mean I detested Latin at school and here I was attempting to come up with cool sounding latin names that not only I but probably my target audience would find difficult to comprehend unless they are in the habit of carrying the weight of a huge thesaurus in their back pocket.

Change thinking was implemented immediately. This started with the monotonous task of trawling through endless webpages and other businesses. I wanted to get an insight into what names actually hit a lasting mark not only on my muscle memory but deep inside my heart. The biggest issue was that I was now seeing brands that looked and sounded amazing making things even more frustrating. I mean how could I possibly be so stupid and incapable of coming up with a few catchy words… I now found myself in a process of wishful thinking and beating myself up continuously, wanting brand names that were already taken… impossible I know.

Working back to front and revisiting my “why” was so important. This gave me a solid base for listing potential names rather than shelling out thousands of pounds for a person or company who did not know my business. I may have liked the name but I would never have felt true ownership and love for it, the branding or the business. Once I had a select list I ran it by people in my 6 figure business mentoring programme and those in other programmes I was attending. It was like a match to paper… “CLASS OF COURAGE” was ignited and born.

CLASS OF COURAGE needed to be powerful, to tell a story of incredible men and women who are prepared to be vulnerable and step outside of their comfort zone. I wanted the name to tell a story of self-learning, personal growth and vulnerability towards success in many spheres of life. People in the community needed to feel a real sense of belonging and resilience where differences were to be embraced and even celebrated. Our community is about real deep and raw self-awareness that other people have less of a desire to explore because life is so often taken for granted. Through knowing thyself we feel that our community of incredibly courageous individuals will undertake massive powerful transformational change that will serve to enhance professions, relationships and the striving to succeed in areas of their personal lives that would never have seemed possible weeks, months or even years previously.

Our story is one of inspiration and personal transformation as we look to shift people into a “CAN DO” mindset. Taking an exceptional “CLASS” of individuals on a journey of total self-awareness, learning, exploration and discovery needs real “COURAGE” and “CLASS OF COURAGE” ticked all the boxes. I am looking to build an exceptional tribe of people who shift through the gears into

“Supercharging their future and Finding their New Awesome”

Patient persistence is important when it comes to finding the name behind the Brand but it must resonate both in your head but most importantly in your heart. Thank you for your continuous and generous support.

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