Secrets to Living an Extraordinary Life

Challenges in ones life are opportunities for epic growth. Without these experiences we would never truly know the power of our mind and what it really takes to be human.

Our ability to build our confidence and self-esteem, to transform our identity, and move beyond the realms of possibility is not a direct result of our physical self but the conscious and subconscious coping strategies we adopt to provide us with the inner strength to accelerate forward.

Mistakes are exceptional things. You need to love making mistakes, embrace them, be thankful for them as to fully appreciate the thrilling transformation that success will bring your character needs to experience failure first. Resilience, and a “can do” attitude are powerfully built on these foundations.

What emotions have you experienced when overcoming life challenges you never thought would be possible? When you reflect on the moment your life devastatingly changed in comparison to where you are now what jumps to mind?

The setting of small meaningful goals that are challenging but realistic ignites that inner motivation and self-belief to skyrocket you towards your vision of what you think is possible. You may never get there and that is okay. It is about the striving towards your chosen destination that is the most important. Every minute of everyday you are constantly learning new and mind-blowing things about yourself. When these discoveries magnify the cracks in your makeup it is a thing of real beauty. It presents an unbelievable opportunity where extraordinary change can be made resulting in a gigantic impact on your future.

What extraordinary learnings have you experienced as a result of your life-changing trauma? How do you feel when you do not achieve what you set out to achieve? What behaviours do you display? How helpful are these emotional reactions in helping you accelerate towards a life built on powerful meaning and purpose?

Training your mind stems from committing yourself fully to exploring what your limitations are towards “Finding Your New Awesome”. We all know that the longer we dig deep and access our mental toughness whether through professional programmes or otherwise we explode miles past what we perceived to ever be possible.

Our biggest problem is not looking at the here and now but being caught up in the rat race of wanting it all, comparing ourselves to others, and looking too far ahead wishing to be anyone other than ourselves.

When have you found yourself comparing yourself to others? What happens when you look too far into the future? When have you wished that you were someone else other than the person you are today? What do you need to do to push yourself past your own limiting beliefs and into a world of possibility?

How many people do you know that talks a great game of “WANT” without actually progressing towards their dream? Embracing the here and now and taking small steps towards “Finding Your New Awesome” is about training your mind to stay in the present without fluctuating back into a past of self-doubt and destruction or into a future that looks and feels way out of reach. Strive to be like Patrick Reed around your very own living with trauma course, taking it one shot at a time.

Self-awareness is the secret sauce to revolutionary personal change. Having the self-knowledge to self-manage yourself in a range of challenging situations when diagnosed with life-changing trauma shines the torch directly on all your blindspots. Knowing your excuses, limitations, challenges, and situations where your emotions are exacerbated is a blessing not a curse.

How many of you actually know the true you when it comes to answering “Who am I?”, What are your own vulnerabilities that you are afraid to reveal? Why are you scared to expose the real you? What excuses do you make for not redefining what’s possible?

You have created an unexpected opportunity to make that bold life-changing choice… bury your head in the sand and wallow in mediocracy or work on your weaknesses by turning them into strengths? Grasp the opportunity to stop being average, instead of blaming people, things, and/or situations for your demise standup and be accountable! Live the life you know you deserve despite your life-changing trauma and step outside of your comfort zone and into a community that creates intensive impenetrable inner personal change.

You can wish your life-changing circumstances never happened or use it as an excuse for sitting on your backside. You are just expending valuable energy on something that is never going to change as the only thing that can change is YOU!

How many of you have invested in your own personal development? It is the GREATEST and most WONDERFUL investment anyone could ever make! What powerful mindset shifts have you experienced to skyrocket your lives to the next level? What have you done to step outside your comfort zone and into that uncomfortable place that ignites fear, anxiety, but also courage, and growth?

My question therefore is how much do you want it? If rewriting your own book is a mouthwatering thought then set the intention to do whatever it takes to achieve transformational change…

What intention have you set for changing your mindset, behaviours, and therefore your life right HERE and NOW?

You can skyrocket your life immediately by putting pen to paper and writing that first chapter.

Lets work together and explore your meaning and purpose as once we undercover your “WHY” we can supercharge your future and kickstart towards “Finding Your New Awesome”.

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